Buffy Gif


The gif that is represented above is the one I created from the original series of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The purpose of this gif is to show the audience the importance of the series as a whole. Throughout this series, Sarah Michelle Gellar, played as Buffy is portrayed as a typical dumb blonde that can’t even open a peanut butter jar by herself. Although this portrayal of the slayer quickly goes away when she shows that she has super powers that can take down anyone that comes in her way.

Gifs and Memes are a source of the idea of a shared social phenomenon. This is related to Buffy the Vampire Slayer because it is very hard to convince someone to watch a show such as Buffy due to the supernatural activity. Normally people quickly associate the movie Twilight with every other supernatural show that has been made recently because the viewer thinks it is the same as Twilight. In this case the signifier would be the simple word vampire but the signified correlates to our culture and because of Twilight everyone associates all vampires from all series and movies to Twilight, even the shows that were made before. The idea that every vampire in every show or movie sparkles in the sun is what our culture associates with every supernatural show.

A couple of examples from Memes would be the ones shown below. The first one is Dean from Supernatuarl making fun of the reference towards twilight that, once again, all vampires sparkle. These examples are shared between each other in order to set off a particular emotion about a particular concept. In this case it is mimicking Twilight, while some people might find these memes funny others, such as twilight fans, might find them to be rude and unnecessary.







The gif I created and the example of the Memes are examples of repacking Memes. The gif I created had nothing to do with the time or place it was aired. Spike, the Vampire that is being punched, did not say you’re just a girl in this scene but the use of text helps the audience decode this particular gif in that way. The supernatural meme is a great example of remixing and mimicking Twilight because in this scene that the screen shot is taken from Dean is not talking about killing vampires but the set up of the screenshot helps the veiwer decode this meme in a way that makes you think that is what’s going on.


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