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Entourage was a tv show that aired on HBO between 2004 and 2011.  The show involves the main character, Vincent Chase, and his entourage doing various antics throughout hollywood.  The show was based on many real life personalities and events from hollywood, and the entourage wikipedia page details much about the show’s history and its critical reception.  Though the page was rated a C-class article, the article provides a very rounded summary with few biased views and opinions.

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The article shows the both the strengths and weaknesses of “Collective Intelligence”.  For instance much of the show’s history and development have been documented and cited well and offer a wide range of views, theories, and articles to back up these claims.

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On the other hand some aspects of the article are severely lacking in content and quality of that content.  The later seasons of the show are also well documented and explain the plot well; however, the first few season’s summaries are lacking in both length and quality of response.

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After looking at the revisions page for this article, it shows that the last revision occurred shortly after the show finished airing in 2011.

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This explains how certain aspects of the article, such as the status of the movie, are not up to date and lacking in content.  This shows another inherent problem with wikipedia and collective intelligence.  Collective intelligence is only up to date and accurate if there are users who are willing to contribute and update an article.  However as a whole, collective intelligence applications and websites such as wikipedia are far and away the most up to date and wide reaching encyclopedias on the planet.  In Jenkin’s article “What Wikipedia can Teach us About New Media Literacies”, he says, “The community has taken on responsibility to protect the integrity and accuracy of its contents; they have developed procedures which allow them to rapidly spot and respond to errors, and the information they provide may be more up-to-date than that found in printed encyclopedia which in school libraries might sit around for decades”.  Though some articles are not as accurate and detailed as others, the system and the users try to ensure that most articles express unbiased and accurate information. “Yet, the accuracy of an entry has to be judged “at any given moment.” Some entries, which receive heavy traffic, also receive more regular attention than others which might represent tide pools that lay stagnant for extended periods of time. Someone using the Wikipedia needs to assess the state of a current entry”. (Jenkins)  This is one of the most important aspects that a user must understand about collective intelligence sites such as Wikipedia.  If someone is truly relying on a collective intelligence source, it is crucial that the user follow up on the claims in the article.  By following up on the article’s sources and reading the wikipedia talk page on can accurately ascertain the validity of the wikipedia entry.  Collective Intelligence despite its flaws is the best way for humanity to express and record our history and our thoughts.

Jenkins, Henry. “What Wikipedia Can Teach Us About The New Media Literacies (Parts One and Two).” Confessions of an Aca-Fan. WordPress. 26-27 June 2007. Web. 8 March 2015.

“Entourage (TV series).” Wikipedia. Wikimedia Foundation, n.d. Web. 08 Mar. 2015.


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