Final Exam

RTF 319: Introduction to Digital Media

Final Exam

Saturday, 5/16/15


CMA 3.116

REMINDER: You are responsible for providing your own bluebooks, available for purchase at the Co-op.

“new” surveillance

the privacy paradox

Function Creep

The Cloud

The Commons and the “Second Enclosure” Movement



Viewer Society


Socialist vs. Radical Feminism

The Homework Economy

Boundary Breakdowns to Create Cyborgs


Hayles’ 4 Waves of Cybernetic Development


“It Gets Better” Campaign

Vernacular Video

Mediated vs. Unmediated Publics

Impression Management

Identity Tourism


Function of Copyright Law

What can/can’t be copyrighted

3 Copyright “Origin Stories”

3 Copyright Metaphors

Moral Rights

Types of filesharing

Fair Use & the “Four Factors”

Transformativity/Transformative Works

Problem with “genres” of remix

Remix as Rhetoric/Digital Argument

Crowdfunding vs. Crowdsourcing vs. Crowdsurfing

Equity vs. Rewards-Based Crowdfunding

Strategies vs. Tactics


Affective Economics

Read Only vs. Read-Write Culture

Digital Natives vs. Digital Immigrants

Participation Gap

Procedural vs. Declarative Memory

3 “computational thinking” skills

Net Neutrality

Paid Prioritization

Zero Rating

The Digital Sublime

Common Carriage and Title II




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