Remix Video

Group Remix Video Assignment

Multiple Deadlines (see below)

Video Due: Sunday, 5/3 by 8pm

In class, we’ve seen a number of remix videos and video essays that make a compelling argument.  As Virginia Kuhn notes in her essay “The Rhetoric of Remix,” remixes can be viewed “as a digital utterance expressed across the registers of the verbal, the aural, and the visual […] thus, remix is a form of digital argument that is crucial to the functioning of a vital public sphere.”

For this assignment, you will form groups of 2-3 and collaboratively create an argumentative video essay or remix video that comments on some element of new media and/or digital culture that we’ve discussed in class:

  • The old/new media dichotomy
  • Communication in the Digital Age
  • Cyborgs
  • Intelligence
  • Surveillance
  • Transmedia Storytelling
  • Social Viewing Practices
  • Play
  • Archives
  • Copyright Law and/or Piracy
  • Remix Culture

You should approach this assignment as you might a term paper for this course: you need to collaboratively hone in on an argument and spend some time planning how to most effectively execute that argument…albeit in an audiovisual form.  Instead of creating a conversation between your readings and textual analysis, here you’ll be creating a critical dialogue between the audio and images you select.  Think about how you might create resonant moments, or interesting juxtapositions between the audio, image, and text in order to articulate a claim.

This is a wonderful opportunity to get creative, consider the power of alternative modes of argumentation, and get more comfortable manipulating media to comment on media.  With all of that said, this will be a labor-intensive project, so budget your time and divide your labor accordingly.

To begin this process…

Part I: During Week 11 lab, you will:

  • Select your collaborators. NOTE: If you are not present in this lab period, your TA will assign you to a group.
  • Pick a broad topic we’ve from the list above that you’re interested in researching and interrogating further
  • Brainstorm your argument and plan of execution
  • Collectively decide what position you would like your video to argue. This argument might evolve or become more nuanced as you work, but you need to have a strong enough sense of it going in so that you can begin cultivating or creating materials that relate to it (video clips, quotes from readings, additional research materials/articles, music, images, text, scripted voiceover, etc).
  • Establish communications channels and preferred modes of sharing for the project.  I would strongly suggest setting up a googledoc to collaboratively exchange ideas and assign tasks, and a shared UT Box or Dropbox folder to share audiovisual materials.  Figure out what days/times work well for everyone if you need to meet outside of class, check the schedule for open lab hours, etc.

Part II: During Week 12 lab, you will:

  • Work on your artists’ statement.  You will articulate your argument, and your plan for executing it, in a co-authored blog post [due 4/10 by 8pm].  This post should be 300-500 words, and must also include:
  1. An embedded example of a remix video that is similar (either in tone, aesthetic or commentary) to the type of remix you’re planning, and some engagement with why this video is effective in making an audiovisual argument or commentary.
  2. A sense of what “genre” of remix you’ve selected to work within and why
  3. At least one quote from one of our readings that will serve as inspiration for your video’s argument (in articulating your argument, you should clearly state how this builds on and extends or complicates course content and concepts)

For the remainder of the lab period, create a rough outline/storyboards for your video.

Part III: Select your audiovisual evidence and create your video (Weeks 13-15)

  • If you would like to begin with open source video and audio content, this list of links is a good starting point. If you plan on pulling clips from YouTube or Vimeo, you might try using Video DownloadHelper or Keepvid.  If you’re ripping clips from DVDs, Handbrake is likely the best option.
  • Take detailed notes on which clips (and, specifically, which sections of the those clips) you might want to use. Just as you might choose between two or three quotes from an article when attempting to support a point in an essay, you may need to weigh the power of multiple images when crafting your video.
  • All videos MUST be edited in Premiere, and you should NOT have one person performing the bulk of the editing duties (the point of this is for everyone to “get their hands dirty” and get some practice with remixing)
  • At various stages of the editing process, the group as a whole should screen rough cuts (or “drafts”) and collectively discuss how the video might be improved.  In other words, even if you break up the labor in your group to “pre-production duties” (conceptualization, research, scripting, storyboarding, etc.) and “production” duties  (sourcing and editing video, working on the style and tone), the whole group needs to be involved in each stage of the process.

Step IV: Submit video and personal contribution statement [5/3 by 8pm]

  • Upload your group’s video to YouTube and email the link to Professor Scott AND your TA
  • Email your TA 1 paragraph detailing what you contributed to the group and who worked on what elements of the video.


  • All videos must be between 2-5 min long
  • You can work within any remix “genre” or style that you like (video essay, fan video, audio dub, parody, fake trailer, etc.) but you should have a clear conception of why that particular style is most effective form for conveying your argument.
  • You will be graded based on this videorubric


  • Friday, 4/10 by 8pm: Upload co-authored blog post that briefly summarizes what your remix video team is attempting to argue and how you plan to execute that argument to course blog (approx 300-500 words).
  • Sunday 5/3 by 8pm: Upload your finished video to YouTube/email the link to Professor Scott and your TA.  Subject line should reference your group number.
  • Sunday, 5/3 by 8pm: Email your 1 paragraph describing the group’s division of labor and your personal contributions to the video essay to Professor Scott and your TA. Subject line should reference your group number.
  • Tuesday, 5/5 and Thursday, 5/7: In-class video screenings and discussion

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