Remixing Resources

Remix Video Assignment

Best Practices and Resources

In order to more effectively make fair use claims, codes of best practices have been developed by various communities of practice (documentarians, librarians, poets, media educators, etc.) to identify common copyright concerns, and how to approach them.  Here’s a useful Code of Best Practices for Online Video, which will be helpful to you as you conceptualize your remix project.

In terms of “best practices” for this assignment, your group should:

  1. Responsibly source video and audio (consider the 4 factors, take only the amount you need, use creative commons materials whenever possible)
  2. Cite your sources, whether they’re direct quotes from the readings, or a collection of audio and video files
  3. Cultivate a strong fair use defense for the materials you use (especially, be attentive to making sure your uses of copyrighted materials are transformative)

You will have time in labs to work on this project, but because you won’t be able to complete these projects exclusively during the designated lab times, be sure to check the open lab times and the schedule for CMA 5.176 and coordinate some time to work on your project with the rest of your group.

Finally, here are some tools and resources to get started with….

Ripping DVDs

Downloading Videos from YouTube (or Vimeo, etc.)

Searching for Creative Commons-licensed materials

Editing Video

  • Adobe Premiere manual
  • There are ample tutorials and walkthroughs online for any issue you might encounter in Premiere Pro CS6, but here are a couple of starting points with multiple videos/walkthroughs on an array of topics:

Audio Recording and Editing


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