Midterm Exam

RTF 319: Introduction to Digital Media

Midterm Exam

Thursday, March 12, 2015


REMINDER: You are responsible for providing your own bluebooks, available for purchase at the Co-op.

Below you’ll find a partial list of IDs, additional terms not listed here may appear on the exam. The midterm will be comprised of two parts:

  1. A series of identifications (you will define the term, and tie it to the broader themes of the week and course)
  2. Essay questions (relating the reading and lecture content to screenings/clips)

Both sections will offer you choices on which questions to answer.


Manovich’s 5 Principles of New Media

Open vs. Closed Interactivity

Onian’s 4 stages of amazement



New Media vs. Cyberculture

New Media as Metamedia

Convergence Culture

Participatory Culture

Web 2.0

Horizontal Integration

Content ID

Moral Economy


Public Relations

Signs in Semiotics

Structuralism vs. Post-Structuralism


Dawkins’ 3 Properties of Memes

Hypermemetic Logic

Technological Determinism

Social Cues

Social Presence Theory

Media Richness Theory


Types and Qualities of Flow


Authorial podcasts as “moments of television”

The author function

Qualities of Twitter

Interactive Multicasting


Transmedia Storytelling

Negative Capability

Migratory Cues


Tensions Found in Transmedia Stories


Huizinga’s 5 Characteristics of Play

The Magic Circle

Diagetic Machine Acts

Non-Diagetic Operator Acts

Diagetic Operator Acts

Non-Diagetic Machine Act

The Turing Test

“Objections” to Learning Machines

4 skills tied to New Media Literacies

Qualities of Wikipedia

Collective Intelligence

Systemic Bias


Google Search

Qualities of Digital Archives





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